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A LADDER HOLDER: I am happiest when helping others identify and achieve their true potential and purpose. Helping others achieve their dreams gives me great satisfaction. This is because I strongly believe that every individual has innate potential with unique gifts and abilities A FACILITATOR: I believe in the importance of listening, empathy and communication in the process of problem-solving, conflict resolution or simply any situation an individual or a group faces. A CATALYST: I believe in connecting people to create synergy. I love seeing possibilities for collaboration and facilitating dialogue between individuals. This is because I consider that people are more important than things and that no one can live life without some help from others. I am a Coach because seeing someone seeking some answers being able to figure it out for themselves with just a little support, and then growing multiple levels in their lives and careers gives so much satisfaction. I count over 14 years of experience as a pioneering social entrepreneur launching 3 social enterprises including the Sanctuary House Retreat & Training Centre ( www.sanctuaryhousesrilanka.com). I commenced my Experiential Training journey in 2014, following my life-long passion for non- classroom-based training methods to create sustainable learning experiences which increase retention, application and transformation. I am privileged to have designed and conducted sessions for clients in the public and private sectors in Sri Lanka as well as in the USA. Since 2016 I have been training and mentoring many other entrepreneurs as well as small business owners. This has been an area of great personal satisfaction, being able to help many launches their entrepreneurial journey, as well as help established entrepreneurs, experience holistic growth and success. In 2020 I commenced on the formal coaching pathway, developing my skills in Leadership and Entrepreneurship Coaching as well as studying data-driven behavioural development methodologies so I can be able more effective in empowering individual leaders as well as organizational teams Some of the biggest lessons I have learnt are from my struggles at the three social enterprises I helped launch, two of which failed over time. I learnt that it takes a combination of vision plus commitment combined with a team of both skilled and committed people plus the right tools, resources and processes to build on an innovative idea and convert it into a thriving and sustainable business. Another lesson learnt is that people need both to be empowered and be held accountable. This was one of the reasons for my shift into focusing on developing people from 2014 onwards since I realized guiding and empowering others is the greatest factor in multiplying impact and creating significance. I am a committed amateur photographer. My passion is bird photography. I am equally fluent in English, Tamil and Sinhala. "True greatness lies in the willingness to use what we have for others. The greater the "other-people" dimension, the greater our personal " greatness ". Let's all be catalysts for success!!!!

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