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Zero to Global two-day workshop

Anoma's life story takes a changing turn when she decided to attend Zero to Global two-day workshop.

Anoma’s life story takes a changing turn when she decided to attend the Zero to Global two-day workshop. Anoma and her husband really wanted to expand their business. But they had no clear idea about when to expand. And how to expand? With the current trend, they invested in making a website for their business. As they don’t have experiences in the field they paid a lot for a little gain. “In Sri Lanka, people like us rarely receive correct guidance to identify our strengths and available opportunities.” tells 

Anoma explaining her previous situation. Most rural Sri Lankans have no clear guidance to expand their businesses. With the willpower to climb up the ladder, they put all their strengths for a purpose. Hopefully, some attempts prosper and some will fail. They call it fortune or misfortune.

David, who believes every person has the potential to win the globe with zero, is working towards his goal to make a generation which has never heard of poverty. Empowering his vision IDB Kandy branch organized a physical two-day workshop to enable selected small and medium entrepreneurs in the Kandy district with the financial support of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. This program is one of the most impacting programs that David conducts since 2016. Over 1500 entrepreneurs have already trained through this business digitalization workshop in different areas in Sri Lanka. Since 2016 David had conducted 22 of these kinds of workshops partnering with different organizations.

“The program is a life-turning point for me and my family. What I learnt from this program made me confident that I can reach my goals within half the time I thought before.” Anoma conveys her thoughts at the end of the program. Despite the challenges she faced, Anoma received more confidence to achieve more than she thought possible. Now she is well equipped with the mindset, skill set and toolset that is needed to build her dream business to the global level. Her world which was getting increasingly unclear with hopelessness has suddenly become so much brightened. And this is thanks to all supporters who enable David‘s Vision of making a generation which has never heard of poverty.

November 9, 2022
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