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Empowering Entrepreneurs for A Better Future

Mrs. Anthony who lives in Nuwara- Eliya runs a catering business with her family.

With her unwavering determination and hard work as well as the support of her entire family, Mrs. Anthony has transformed her business from a struggling start-up to a thriving catering service.  With the help of Joseph’s Foundation and LIA, she was able to purchase 100 catering plates and 50 teacup sets, giving their service a professional look, resulting in impressive business growth in the last two months.

With daily orders now ranging from a minimum of 40 to a maximum of 200 packs, Mrs. Anthony’s catering service has seen the number of customers increase by a remarkable 70% combined with a 30% increase in profit. Her business has become a shining example of what can be achieved with dedication and a little support.

Not only has Mrs. Anthony’s business flourished, but her family has also benefited from the business’s success. Her children are now able to receive their educational supplies, healthy food, and good clothing. The family is now moving forward together with a commitment to their business and each other.

Through Joseph’s Foundation and LIA, Mrs. Anthony has gained valuable knowledge in business management and accounting. Her eldest child has now taken on the responsibility of managing the business’s accounts and has become an asset to the family enterprise.

With the guidance of Joseph’s Foundation and LIA, Mrs. Anthony’s business has set realistic profit margins and improved the quality of their food. They have also expanded their menu options, providing nutritious meals that are both healthy and tasty.

The community has also benefited from Mrs. Anthony’s success. The family has re-invested part of their profit into developing the front section of their house as a little dine-in outlet, providing a much-needed service to their community.

Despite their success, there are still a few areas where the business needs support. Mrs. Anthony’s catering service needs tongs, serving spoons, and other equipment. They are currently renting a baking oven and are planning to purchase one of their own soon. Lastly, they require a large size tea flask for serving tea.

With your generous donation to Joseph’s Foundation and LIA, you can help aspiring entrepreneurs like Mrs. Anthony take their businesses to the next level, create jobs, and positively impact their communities. Let us work together to provide access to the resources, tools, and training necessary for these entrepreneurs to build their businesses to the next level, break free of poverty and impact their community for good.


March 3, 2023

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