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A proven data-driven performance development course for leaders, helping them bring out the best in themselves, finetune their relationships with their team members and enhance the working environment resulting in healthy and sustainable personal, team and organizational productivity


Course Curriculum

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BENEFITS OF DATA DRIVEN PERFORMANCE COACHING   1. EMPOWERING LEADERS   Leaders are known for their ability to foresee and create a dynamic environment that enables change. We provide a framework to leaders which will help them find out how best they can fine tune their interpersonal relationship with different team members and contribute to further fine tuning the working environment in order to improve overall productivity in the organization. This approach also helps those employees who aspire to move into a position of leadership, by enabling to point out the areas where they need to add in terms of leadership traits.
2.TEAM BUILDING POTENTIAL   It is always amazing to see how people having different personality traits come together and work as a team in an organization. The personality dynamics that are at work in such teams can be measured and interpreted using this approach. This enables finding out of any communication gaps existing in the team, which can be then rectified. The tool can also be used to find out what is the kind of leadership that is preferred by a group.   3. SMOOTH WORKING RELATIONSHIPS   One of the biggest advantages with this approachis that it gives specific insights into an individual’s interpersonal communication abilities. What this in turn means is that  we can find out how two personalities will interact with each other. This can help identify any potential problem areas and while also suggest different types of approaches that can help build better working relationships within an organization.   4. EMPLOYEE ASSESSMENT   This data-driven approach plays a key role in an ongoing assessment program. Organizations bank upon regular profiling in order to be informed on a specific individual’s performance in their particular job roles. This kind of regular profiling enables management to come out with strategies that will enable to keep their employees motivated and be at their productive best.   5. BOOST FOR SALES   This approach play a key role in sales by enabling the team members to learn about the buying styles of their clients. They can find out what are the points of stress that a client faces or the kind of relationship that a client is looking forward to. Based on this assessment the sales team can then tailor their selling style to suit the specific needs of clients.   6. OBJECTIVE RECRUITMENT PROCESS   This approach enables companies to find out about the various personality traits of an individual. It can help find out the ways in which an individual would react to new challenges or how he or she is likely to behave in a team situation. As part of the recruitment process, this also helps candidates to integrate with their jobs better, for they can find out the match between their areas of strength and how it would their new job role.  

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Paul Navamani
Certified Leadership and Behavioral Development Coach, John Maxwell Beyond Success Facilitator, Certified Entrepreneurship and Business Coach, Certified Experiential Facilitator
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