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Just like half time in a football game gives the team an opportunity to pause, reflect and revise their plans based on the first half so that they can optimize their resources to reach a victory in the second half, A guided process for the successful individual to pause and reflect on ‘What’s Going On With My Life’ and ‘Where Do I Truly Want it to Go’, Make the required course corrections with Strategic decisions to experience A Meaningful Life plus Significance in the second half


Course Curriculum


A 10 session Coaching program to help you revisit your life plan and goals to increase your impact by 100X !

Who needs Half time?

After building a career and becoming financially secure, do you want your second half to zoom into the stratosphere of significance?

The drive to achieve your dreams and achieve success has led many to a very stressful lifestyle and discontent

Success…all of us are pursing it. At what price ? how costly could it be? Relationships – Family – Health – Mental Wellbeing

While success is an important aspect of life – Significance is the ‘new’ measure of our personal and professional life

What is Half Time?

Half Time is

1. A timely idea. A concept for the successful individual to pause and reflect on ‘What’s Going On With My Life’ and ‘Where Do I Truly Want it to Go’

2. A season. to intentionally pause your life to do mid course corrections 

Recall, Review, Rethink, Reduce, Reflect, Reframe, ReInvent, Reconstruct

Make  Strategic decisions to experience A Meaningful Life plus Significance

3. A Process : Pause & reviewWhat happened – What’s Happening – What Could Happen

4. An Opportunity to learn from your past.and Reframe your life towards ‘Significance’ & ‘Things’ that truly matter to you’.

Benefits of Half time

1. Experience New Energies & New Capacity for your 2ndHalf.

2. Converge your life to your ‘One.Thing’

3. Experience the Joy of Work as you discover Your.Self

4.  Align  your Dreams & Values with your purpose and vision

5. Be free to do what you do best; drop the rest.

6. Be Ready for new horizons, new goals, new challenges.

7. Experience Optimum satisfaction in your life achievements

8. Create a Lasting Legacy

9. Multiply your Impact 100X

About Instructor

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Paul Navamani
Certified Leadership and Behavioral Development Coach, John Maxwell Beyond Success Facilitator, Certified Entrepreneurship and Business Coach, Certified Experiential Facilitator
A Catalyst and A Ladder Holder

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