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Beyond Success is a transformational leadership program to encourage personal growth, foster connection, , promote self-awareness and well being and most importantly instill moral values


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      People Who Keep Learning Always Have a Future

      The John Maxwell Beyond Success Roundtables is one of the Leadership programs offered  as part of the Leadership Development and Personal Growth initiatives of Leadership In Action

      A Leadership Prgram designed by America’s #1 Business Leader 

      Consisting of 7 modules filled with tons of valuable insights, Beyond Success was created by the world’s most influential leadership expert, Dr. John Maxwell, who Is named America’s #1 Business Leader and Is the most influential leadership expert in the world. His organizations have trained more than 6 million leaders in 196 countries. He has sold more than 25 million books in 50 languages.

      The methodology promotes a two-way communication where people become more transparent, experience self-revelation and people grow closer as they grow together. 

      Keys to your own personal development

      1. Attitude: The World You See is Coloured by Your Attitude

      2. Personal Growth: People Who Keep Learning Always Have a Future

      3. Priorities: Clear Priorities Show You What to Do and Where to Go

      4.. Relationships: The Quality of Your Relationships Determines the Quality of Your Life

      5. Integrity: Living with Integrity Leads to a Life of Wholeness

      6. Intentional Living: From Good Intentions to Good Action

      7. From Success to Significance: Intentional Living the Bridge to Significance

      Benefits for your team 

      • You get to provide your team knowledge and insights to learn .
      • Share with your team John C. Maxwell's principles and personal experiences.
      • You get to create a learning culture within your team and as you allow team members to become      vulnerable with each other you boost team cohesion.
      • Encourage your team to take steps that lead to personal growth
      • Set your team and your self on an accessible path to self-awareness which will lead to self improvement.

      The training can be done in person or virtually through video conferencing platforms such as ZOOM or Teams.

      I will be glad to meet you a zoom call to demonstrate how the sessions are conducted and answer your questions.

      Your Leadership Coach and fellow traveller


      About Instructor

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      Paul Navamani
      Certified Leadership and Behavioral Development Coach, John Maxwell Beyond Success Facilitator, Certified Entrepreneurship and Business Coach, Certified Experiential Facilitator
      A Catalyst and A Ladder Holder

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