What is leadership? Leadership quotes – 2

What is leadership? – Searching for a definition (Part 2)

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Leadership is stepping out of your comfort zone and taking risk to create reward.Katie Easley, founder, Kate Ryan Design
A leader is someone who has the clarity to know the right things to do, the confidence to know when she’s wrong and the courage to do the right things even when they’re hard.Darcy Eikenberg, founder, RedCapeRevolution.com
Leadership is the behavior that brings the future to the present, by envisioning the possible and persuading others to help you make it a reality.Matt Barney, founder and CEO, LeaderAmp
Leadership is caring more about the cause and the people in your company than about your own personal pain and success. It is about having a greater vision of where your company is trying to go while leaving the path open for others to grow into leaders.Jarie Bolander, COO and co-founder, Lab Sensor Solutions
A leader is a person who takes you where you will not go alone.Susan Ascher, CEO, founder and president, SusanAscher.com
Leadership means using one’s influence to help guide others in successfully achieving a goal without desire for recognition, without worry of what others think and with awareness of issues, internal or external, that might change the results sought.Marie Hansen, dean of the college of business, Husson University
Leadership is not about finding ways to lead better or to motivate your team. It’s about being there from the beginning as equals and becoming a mentor when they need you to be one.Michael Womack, COO and co-founder, hovelstay.com
Leadership styles differ, but at the core, good leaders make the people they are leading accomplish more than they otherwise would. The most effective leaders do this not through fear, intimidation or title, but rather by building consensus around a common goal.Tom Madine, CEO and president, Worldwide Express
A leader is a mix of a visionary and a left brainer — an inspiration to others who uplifts one to walk beside him, not behind him. A leader lets go of his/her ego and taps into his soul, consistently stretching himself, challenging himself, growing within.Brigitta Hoeferle, founder and owner, Montessori Kinder International School
Leadership is inspiring others to pursue your vision within the parameters you set, to the extent that it becomes a shared effort, a shared vision and a shared success.Steve Zeitchik, CEO of Focal Point Strategies

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