What Do You Want To Achieve With Your Team Building Program?

What Do You Want To Achieve With Your Team Building Program?

Focus and leadership

Team building programs are useless unless they help the participants connect their new-found awareness to results. The same applies at the team level. Team members may find it interesting to learn more about team members, but there is a need to connect learning to action plans which result in tangible and measurable outcomes for the company.

In great teams,  leaders spend time clarifying goals, cultivating their own leadership skills and collectively identifying new ways and solutions  to achieve great results. An effective leader will check make sure the organization’s goals and strategies remain clear and achievable for every team member. At the same time, they help build capability of individual team members versus always taking on the work of the team themselves.

Effective communication

Simply developing productive and constructive communication to a greater degree will help leaders increase their effectiveness and their teams function most effectively. Leaders often feel unnecessary pressure to tell everyone on the team what to do. The key is to focus on influencing versus doing.

Experiential learning helps clarify big picture goals and expectations. In order to do this effectively, you must communicate the goals in a number ways that appeal to a variety of team members. Some may need a visual representation (e.g., a roadmap); others may need to know the “why” behind the goals to buy in. A proper facilitation will help the team to articulate their understanding of the overall goals in their own words based on their experience.

Another experiential learning solution can be created to help the team focus on the goal (the what) and the  key strategies (the how). Activities are designed which help uncover trouble spots, create feedback flows and help team members to leverage opportunities. The activity can be followed by a strategic focus session.

Change management and creativity

Activities can help identify one aspect of the team that you would be excited to see change come about. The team can to make sure everyone agrees it would be worth it to affect change in that area. The facilitator will help determine what the best possible outcome could be if the team made the change, adopted a new procedure, tried a new approach or do whatever it is you have identified as a change need. The flow of ideas from the team on how to make it happen will generate excitement and awareness about new possibilities and pathways for progress.

Team building is a means to an end, not an end in itself. What do you want your team to achieve?


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