Teach Him if You Can

Teach Him if You Can
Teach him to sell his brawn and brain to the highest bidders but never to put a price-tag on his heart and soul. Abraham Lincoln to his son’s teacher

Abraham Lincoln a former president of America dramatically depicts the secret of being an awesome leader.The phrase means to offer highest the price for talents; skills and knowledge and never compromise on conscience and values.

I recognize this not only as a humanistic motive of of a greatly admired man but also a practical definition for the determinant theory of Staffen Robbins which talks about employee job satisfaction

Low Job satisfaction of employees has been  recognized to be an organizational dilemma because of the inability of leaders to trade off two major factors of the job satisfaction

In management, employees should be given both intrinsic and extrinsic values to keep them satisfied and motivated.

Financial rewards like wages, incentives, fringe benefits are the intrinsic values which helps an employee to be satisfied.

Extrinsic values like recognition and responsibilities make an  employee motivated.

Most leaders who are well capacitated with academic and professional qualifications have become failures of human resource management due to their inability to balance these intrinsic and extrinsic values.

Some companies offer their employees more intrinsic values like high wages and incentives of extremely high value and expect them to work like slaves.. Employees of such companies are satisfied with the benefits they receive, but they are not motivated to work or to be innovative. Leaders of such companies do not consider human values, and they push employees for work output. They have become total failures as they try to weigh human values with only money.

On the other hand some companies don’t give full  value for employee’s skills, qualifications  and talents. They are not given incentives or even paid their wages on time.

But they are given recognition and responsibilities.The employee’commitment is highly admired. As a result employees of such companies are really motivated. They will continue to work hard in order to be admired and appreciated. In addition they will be innovative as they are having the total responsibility. But they are less satisfied in financial terms and are always seeking for new job opportunities which will reward them financially as well.

Though the determinant theory of Steffen Robbins is a bit complicated,  Abraham Lincoln clearly tells us what we should do practically. To paraphrase him,

Leaders should pay the  highest price for their employee’s qualifications and skills as they cannot they cannot include a financial price for their commitment and good qualities. Their values and commitment should be admired and rewarded with recognition and more responsibilities.

Just Now I have received a message from a volunteer working for World Vision stating that she has completed 23 of her given tasks.

She is sending me that message not because she is paid, but because she is so motivated. And she hopes I will admire her and appreciate and recognize her commitment.

So definitely I should respond to her by saying “Well done dear!!???????????? “

What I have learned :

Good leaders will always be  good humans who value and respect others!

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