Leadership Is Being Involved In the World and Other Lives

Leadership Is Being Involved In the World and Other Lives

A Leader sees the bigger picture

  • True leaders see a world bigger than themselves; they see the bigger picture.
  • A leader who sees the bigger picture is able to inspire and motivate others as well.
  • Such a leader will see challenges and opportunities everywhere.
  • Such a leader will be able to create an impact on the world and others as well.
  • Would-be leaders who have a narrow vision will be limited in the influence and impact.

Challenge : Train yourself to see the bigger picture.

A leader is someone who is unselfish

The world is a rat-race and everyone is on the lookout for themselves only. Life is all about self-improvement, self-preservation, achieving your destiny, becoming a millionaire before age 40 and more such attitudes which cause people to disregard others. People are inherently selfish.

  • A true leader on the other hand would not only develop his or her life and career but would be equally if not more involved in helping others develop and succeed.
  • All the famous leaders we respect are those who inspired and helped others in various ways, sometimes even sacrificing their own personal ambitions in the search for the common goal.
  • The challenge for a would-be leader is to learn to see others as people with potential and dignity and be able to devote energy and effort to help them succeed.

Challenge : Don’t be a selfish Leader. Be willing to help others succeed

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