Leadership and Youth

Leadership and Youth

The challenge for today’s youth is to be aware of the world around them which is evolving so quickly. At the same time the challenge is for them to be equipped to handle the fast pace of change. Traditional classroom education and rote learning is not adequate to deal with life and all its challenges.

Traditional learning is full of knowledge which is undoubtedly useful but does it equip youth mentally, emotionally and physically to deal with disaster, for example?

Imagine your son is travelling in an aero plane which crash lands in the jungle. Does he have basic survival skills? Will he stay calm and not panic? Will he be able to help others worse off than himself?

There is a huge need to develop leadership skills in today’s youth; skills which would help them face challenges, change problems into solutions, guide those weaker than themselves and generally leave the world a better place than they found it.

Camping and related outdoor activities are some of the ways in which today’s youth can be unplugged from the electronic devices and get plugged into the great wide world out there. (See How: CAMPING IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS)

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Paul Navamani

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