Leadership And Managers – Controlling Or Liberating

Leadership And Managers –  Controlling Or Liberating

Should Managers manage their staff in order to achieve the team targets?

Or should they empower and liberate their staff to do greater things?

The challenge for many managers is to control the staffs on their team who are high achievers.

The temptation for many is to give them only enough freedom and resources to ensure they continue performing at consistent levels. This is a selfish and self-defeating approach in the long term.

Ultimately your high achieving team member will get dissatisfied, frustrated and leave in search of greener pastures or more freedom to grow and develop.

The better and sustainable way would be to pour more resources and effort into developing the visible potential of the high achiever.

In addition the manager should be confident enough in her or her own self, to intentionally mentor and develop the high achiever.

This would include helping the high achiever to identify and develop previously unseen or unknown aspects of his or her skills, resources, and abilities with a view to ultimately handing over greater responsibility.

By empowering your team members to become managers themselves or even be promoted over you, you do not lose.

You will have the satisfaction of seeing your protégé rising to the stars. You will also be known as a great leader and others will fall over themselves to join your team.

Be a manager who empowers your staff; be a leader.

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