Keys to Sustainable Leadership

Keys to Sustainable Leadership

1. Sustainable Leadership is not self-promoting.

Most leaders have a sense of insecurity which manifests itself in the need for respect, recognition, rewards, applause etc.The secure leader will be focused on the mission and the team, and not on his/her own glory. He/she will be willing to submit his/her ambition to the greater cause of the team

2. Sustainable Leadership casts a clear vision

The leader who is able to challenge others with a clear and compelling goal will be able to transform idle observers into active and committed team members. Casting clear vision is imperative to be able to sustain momentum in the face of challenges.

3. To create sustainable leadership, the leader needs to be a strategic team builder.

Casting a clear and compelling vision will gather the team members; the leader needs to also develop a core group with a greater level of understanding of each other and the common goal.

4. The leader should be able to build relationships

To sustain leadership, the leader should be able to help diverse people merge into an effective team which functions as a whole.

5. To sustain leadership, the leader should be able to express authority when needed.

Some leaders try to rule by consensus all the time, or assume that to enforce authority is to be thought dictatorial. Many teams stagnate and dissolve when leaders hesitate to make decisions. In the face of opposition the leader needs to be able to authoritatively make clear and prompt decisions to sustain forward movement.

6. The effective leader engages crisis head-on.

When leaders are seen to hesitate when faced with a challenge, the entire team is affected. Leaders should take on what others fear.

7. Empower others.

Sustainable leadership is all about releasing the potential in others.


Based on a talk by Ms.Dana Boals , Director Global Partnerships at Partners Worldwide

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