Is Team Building Your Ultimate Objective? Or Is Team Building The Means To An End?

Is Team Building Your Ultimate Objective? Or Is Team Building The Means To An End?

Team building is the magic phrase when it comes to corporate training. But is it producing real results?

Many organizations invest time and money for events to help team members bond together and function more effectively as a team; staff return from these outings with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement, yet results are hard to quantify and short term at best. Despite the best team building efforts, many organizations are still struggling to produce the required results.

One main reason for this apparent mismatch between expected and actual outcomes is that team building isn’t directly linked to business results. It is true that the team enjoyed the motivational feel good exercises. But although the team learned about each other’s behavioral styles, motivational profiles, individual strengths and weaknesses etc, they have failed to connect their learning and experience to desired business outcomes.

Team Building Another reason for the lack of a lasting outcome is there is  no continuity beyond a one-time event. A successful team building process should be approached strategically, not as a one-time event with unrealistic expectations. It should create tangible experiences that modify behavior and result in actionable ideas to help the team and organization achieve their goals. Continued experiences, learning, reflection, integration and reinforcement are critical.


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