A Teacher Who Was More Than a Teacher

A Teacher Who Was More Than a Teacher

He was a teacher. He taught middle school English.

He was a boarding master. He supervised boarding house residents.

He was a sports master. He supported the coach and the players.

But he was much more than the sum of those parts.

He was no ordinary teacher.

He was a leader.

He mentored and molded youth who would become leaders themselves.

Recently I was at my old high school to pay my respects at the funeral of an old school teacher of mine. He spent over 40 years of his life at the same institution. Even after retirement he continued to serve the school on a voluntary basis. He participated in every school function until his demise.

All those present were reminiscing of his contribution to their lives; not only the academic aspect which was considerable, but most of us were narrating anecdotes of how this teacher influenced us in varied ways.

By his exemplary conduct, acts of kindness and compassion, humility, generosity, faithfulness and loyalty he inspired and molded several generations of young men.

We are better people by having come into contact with his personality and lifestyle.

Do we see teachers in the present generation who are similar leaders?

Education is not only about imparting knowledge and skills to students; it is also about helping them find their way in the world. It is also about imparting values and morals. Education is also about forming leaders. Education is about helping today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders.

SO here’s a word to teachers. While teaching your students, may you also inspire them by your conduct and example.

Be a teacher? Yes, and also be a leader.

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Paul Navamani

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